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Divorce Attorney Peabody MA

Divorce Attorney Peabody MA

Matthew W. Peterson: Expert Divorce Attorney in Peabody MA

As a distinguished law firm serving Peabody, MA, and the broader North Shore region, we specialize in domestic relations and divorce cases. We understand that divorce goes beyond asset division—it encompasses safeguarding your children’s well-being and addressing various complexities.

In the realm of custody battles, you deserve steadfast advocacy from a committed family attorney. Our proficient team not only represents you in court but also meticulously gathers evidence, collaborates with experts, and offers compassionate support throughout the process. Our primary focus is demonstrating to the court your dedication to your children’s welfare and devising the most effective strategy to protect their best interests.

This becomes especially critical when faced with unfounded abuse allegations, which can heighten the challenges of divorce proceedings. With our firm’s extensive experience in handling divorces, child custody disputes, alimony, and child support matters, you can rely on us to navigate your most delicate domestic issues with competence and compassion.

Full-Service Family Law & Divorce Attorney in Peabody MA

With extensive experience handling a range of domestic relations disputes, our team is well-equipped to address your legal requirements promptly. Whether it’s child custody, alimony, visitation arrangements, or navigating a straightforward no-contest divorce, we are prepared to act swiftly.

Our track record includes successful resolutions in the following areas:

  1. Uncontested Divorce
  2. Contested Divorce
  3. Divorce Modifications, which include adjustments to child support, alimony, visitation schedules, and other divorce-related aspects
  4. Child Custody Matters
  5. Petitions for Temporary Orders
  6. Restraining Orders/Harassment Prevention Orders

Rest assured, we prioritize protecting your legal rights throughout the entire process. If you’re unsure about the necessity of legal representation, we offer consultations to explore your options. Sometimes, a simple consultation can offer clarity on resolving your domestic issues.

In Massachusetts, family law & divorce proceedings typically occur in the Family and Probate Court of your county. The journey through family law begins with filing a complaint. If you’ve received a complaint, it’s crucial to engage the services of a family attorney promptly to mount a strong defense on your behalf.

Divorce Attorney Peabody MA

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