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Firearms Charges Reduced to Probation for Out of State Client in Hingham District Court

firearms lawyer ma

Navigating the complex landscape of firearm laws across state lines can be daunting. A recent case handled by our law firm underscores the critical importance of having an experienced firearms defense attorney, particularly when laws vary significantly from state to state. Our client, a responsible gun owner from a state with comparatively relaxed gun laws, […]

Why You Should Have an Attorney Review Your LTC Application Before Filing

attorney review ltc application

When applying for a License to Carry (LTC) in Massachusetts, the stakes are high. A minor mistake on your LTC application can lead to a denial, potentially barring you from obtaining this crucial license. This is why it’s advisable to have your LTC application reviewed by an experienced firearms attorney before submission. Here, we’ll explore […]

Do I Need an Attorney for a Pardon in Massachusetts?

pardons attorney Massachusetts

Navigating the legal intricacies of obtaining a pardon in Massachusetts can be a complex and daunting task. For individuals seeking a fresh start, the assistance of a pardons attorney in Massachusetts is invaluable. This blog post aims to shed light on the importance of hiring a knowledgeable attorney to guide you through the pardon process. […]

Navigating “Suitability” in Massachusetts Firearms Law: How a Firearms Attorney Can Help

Massachusetts firearms suitability attorney

In Massachusetts firearms law, obtaining a License to Carry (LTC) involves navigating the complex and uniquely challenging concept of “suitability,” a discretionary determination made by local police departments. As a firearms attorney with extensive knowledge of Massachusetts gun laws and a proven track record, I am dedicated to advocating for individuals who believe they have […]

Strategic Legal Defense Leads to Dismissal of Firearm Charges in East Boston

east boston firearms lawyer

In a decisive legal victory at East Boston Municipal Court, a distinguished Boston criminal defense attorney successfully secured a dismissal of charges for an out-of-state client accused of unlawful firearm possession. This case exemplifies the critical importance of expert legal representation in firearms cases and underscores the strategic benefits of engaging a defense attorney before […]

How a Consultation Can Help Your LTC Application

ltc application consultation

When you decide to apply for a License to Carry (LTC) in Massachusetts, the path isn’t always clear, especially if you have a criminal record. Navigating the complexities of firearm laws and the specifics of the LTC application can be daunting, but a consultation with a firearms attorney can help.  Here’s why consulting with a […]

Successfully Challenging a License to Carry Suspension in Dorchester, Boston

what is assault in Massachusetts

In the realm of firearms law, particularly in the Boston area, the suspension of a License to Carry (LTC) can be a significant hurdle for lawful gun owners. Our recent experience at the Boston Municipal Court in Dorchester underscores the effectiveness of a proactive legal approach. This blog details how our team, dedicated to defending […]

What Criminal History Should I Disclose on my LTC Application?

criminal history LTC application

Question 4 on the Massachusetts LTC application asks for your criminal history.  Specifically, the question asks: “Have you ever been arrested or appeared in court as a defendant for any criminal offense?” This question has caused a lot of difficulty for my clients.  How much of their criminal history should they discuss?  What if the […]

Will I go to Jail for Gun Charges in Massachusetts

jail for gun charges

If you are arrested for a gun charge in Massachusetts, you could be facing significant time in jail.  Massachusetts has some of the strictest firearms laws in the country. Firearms charges can mean detention prior to jail and mandatory minimum jail time if you are convicted.  You should hire an attorney experienced in defending gun […]