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Client Found NOT GUILTY for OUI in Chelsea District Court

chelsea district court criminal attorney

  A jury in Chelsea District Court found our client NOT GUILTY of operating under the influence on January 19, 2023.  Our client was charged with operating under the influence after Chelsea Police found him unconscious in his car in downtown Chelsea. No evidence of sobriety tests or breathalyzers were introduced, because our client refused […]

MWP Law Named Among Most Highly Rated Businesses in Massachusetts

I am happy to announce that the Law Office of Matthew W. Peterson has been named among the most highly rated businesses in all of Massachusetts by topratedlocal.com for the year 2022. Topratedlocal.com rates many different kinds of businesses from wedding planning companies to law offices, and I am proud to be recognized among these distinguished […]

What Could Cause a Gun License Suspension?

In Massachusetts, your gun license can be suspended if the licensing authority determines that you may be a threat to public safety. Below are some examples of circumstances that may cause your firearms license to be suspended: Misdemeanor domestic violence or assault arrest; OUI or other alcohol-related offenses arrest; A restraining order; Living in the same […]

Matthew Peterson Named Among Top DUI Attorneys for the Year 2022

  I am thrilled to announce that I have been named one of the top DUI attorneys for the year 2022 by expertise.com! Expertise.com researched many DUI attorneys, and I am among the 15 named the best DUI attorneys in Lawrence. The selection criteria consisted of availability, qualifications, reputation, experience, and professionalism. I pride myself […]

Attorney Matthew W. Peterson Selected as a 2022 Super Lawyers Rising Star

I am thrilled to announce that I have been selected as a Super Lawyers Rising Star for the year 2022! Super Lawyers selects attorneys for this honor using a patented, multiphase selection process involving nominations, independent research on the nominated attorney, and peer evaluation. Verdicts, pro bono and community service, and experience, are just a […]

What is the BRAVE Act in Massachusetts?

The Massachusetts BRAVE Act is an Act Relative to Veterans Benefits, Rights, Appreciation, Validation and Enforcement. Under this Act, it allows veterans who have been honorably discharged and diagnosed with a condition as a result of their service, to avoid being prosecuted if they have been charged with certain crimes A veteran must have a […]

Matthew Peterson Named Among Best Lawrence OUI Attorneys

best OUI attorney in Lawrence

Expertise.com has named Matthew Peterson one of the best OUI attorneys in Lawrence, MA.    The website has named him one of the top 18 attorney for operation under the influence (OUI) charges in Lawrence. Expertise based this ranking on several factors, including an A+ rating in professionalism, including responsiveness, friendliness, helpfulness, and detail.  He […]

What is Going on with Breathalyzers in Massachusetts?

Most prosecutors in Massachusetts have stopped using breathalyzer tests as evidence in all OUI cases. This is due to the growing concerns about the reliability of these devices. This decision was made after an OUI attorney alleged that the Massachusetts Office of Alcohol Testing, which is in charge of checking the calibration and reliability of […]

What is a 24D Disposition for an OUI in Massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, if you are charged with a first-time OUI or in some cases of second-time OUI, you could be eligible for a lesser sentence according to Mass. G.L. c. 90 §24D.  This is referred to as a “24D Disposition.”  A second-time OUI generally requires 60 days of jail time, but a 24D disposition allows […]

Matthew Peterson Gets Breath Test Successfully Thrown Out

The Law Office of Matthew Peterson successfully got a breath test suppressed, or thrown out, in Chelsea District Court. Our client blew over the legal limit, but the district attorney cannot introduce this evidence during the trial. To introduce the results of a breath test in Massachusetts, the police have to comply with numerous regulations. […]