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Triumph in Chelsea District Court: Not Guilty on OUI Charges

OUI attorney Chelsea District Court

When faced with an Operating Under the Influence (OUI) charge, the stakes are invariably high, from probation to license suspension. For our client, the gravity of her situation couldn’t have been more apparent when she found herself standing in Chelsea District Court, facing allegations that could significantly impact her future. This is the story of […]

The Role of a Motion to Suppress in a Massachusetts OUI Case

OUI Motion to Suppress Massachusetts

Facing an Operating Under the Influence (OUI) charge in Massachusetts can be a daunting experience but filing a motion to suppress can be a critical tool in your lawyer’s toolbox. This legal maneuver is not only a pivotal part of your defense but also a crucial step in challenging the prosecution’s evidence against you.  An […]

How Much Does a Massachusetts OUI Attorney Cost?

OUI attorney cost Massachusetts

Given the complexity of Massachusetts OUI offenses, securing skilled legal representation is crucial, but the cost of a skilled OUI attorney can be a small price to pay for the long-lasting effects of the charge on your life. The Complexity of Massachusetts OUI Laws Massachusetts is known for its stringent OUI laws, making it essential […]

The Impact of Body Cams on OUI Defense in Massachusetts

body cam OUI Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, Operating Under the Influence (OUI) cases have been transformed by body cams. These devices, now increasingly standard issue among law enforcement, are altering the dynamics of how OUI cases are defended and adjudicated. The presence of body cam footage has fundamentally changed how OUI defense attorneys approach cases, from pre-trial preparations to courtroom […]

Can I Get My Driver’s License Back if I’m Acquitted for OUI?

driver's license restored oui

If your license was suspended for refusing a breathalyzer, you can get your driver’s license back if you are found not guilty of OUI.  A breathalyzer refusal means a 180-day driver’s license suspension automatically, but that can be reduced if you resolve the underlying charge of operating under the influence. This can mean rushing your […]

What is Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle?

negligent operation of a motor vehicle

  In Massachusetts, the charge of negligent operation of a motor vehicle can even be punishable by time in the House of Correction. It is crucial to hire a skilled attorney to help defend you in court to give you the best chance of a desirable outcome. What is Negligent Operation of a Motor Vehicle? […]

What are the Penalties for Operating after Suspension for OUI?

oas after oui massachusetts

If you drive after your license was suspended for an OUI, you could be facing serious consequences.  Operating after suspension (OAS) for an operating under the influence (OUI) charge means mandatory jail time. If you are charged with OAS after OUI, you need to hire an experienced attorney immediately to help defend you. What are […]

Jury Finds Client NOT GUILTY of OUI and Negligent Operation in Chelsea

OUI lawyer Chelsea

On November 1, 2023, the Law Office of Matthew W. Peterson went to a jury trial on a charge of operating under the influence and negligent operation in Chelsea District Court. Our client was stopped by Chelsea Police after being seen fleeing an accident scene with his hazard lights on.  After police turned their lights […]

NOT GUILTY Verdict for OUI in Lawrence District Court

Lawrence criminal defense lawyer

On October 25, 2023, the Law Office of Matthew W. Peterson secured a NOT GUILTY verdict for our client charged with operating under the influence in Lawrence District Court. Our client was allegedly seen by a State Police Trooper driving over the middle line toward them, and then the trooper pulled our client over.  After […]

Matthew Peterson Named Among the 2023 Massachusetts Rising Stars by “Super Lawyers”

I am thrilled to announce that I have been named among this year’s rising stars in the state of Massachusetts by “Super Lawyers”. Super Lawyers is a website intended to give ratings for attorneys and law offices all over the country by taking into account peer recognition, customer satisfaction, and professional achievements within their practice […]