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Do I Need an Attorney to File My Immigration Paperwork?

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    Many of my clients come in to me in a bind.  They’ve filed some immigration paperwork, whether for a visa, green card, or naturalization, and they’ve messed something up.  They’ve been given a strict deadline to amend their application or provide additional evidence, and they’re not sure if they can make it.


   It puts us all in a tough spot.  It can take time to gather paperwork from different government agencies, and the USCIS doesn’t give extensions to file additional evidence.  If you don’t file that evidence in time, your application could be automatically denied.


   What can be done to prevent this?  Hire a lawyer to do it right the first time.  It’s a lot cheaper and less stressful to do it correctly the first time rather than try to fix it on the back end.


   Applications for almost any sort of immigration benefit involves a massive amount of paperwork – birth certificates, medical exams, and not to mention the confusing and complicated applications themselves.  An experienced immigration attorney knows the ins and outs of the immigration process and the tricks of the trade.


   If you need help filling out an application for a green card, a visa, or naturalization, and you want to do it correctly the first time, contact me today.  I’d be glad to help.


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