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Drug Defense Attorney

Drug Defense Attorney

Servicing Boston MA, Salem MA, and the surrounding Essex County & Middlesex County areas.

Drug Defense Attorney in Boston

I am a drug crime defense attorney in Boston who represents people charges with drug offenses in all Massachusetts courts.

Drug offenses can range from anything from a simple possession to more serious charges. No matter how serious or seemingly simple, the right attorney can make all the difference in winning your drug case.

I have defended dozens of drug cases in criminal court.  I have successfully gotten drug cases dismissed, gotten my clients the treatment they need to overcome their drug addiction, and gotten serious drug felonies reduced to misdemeanors, saving my clients from jail.

I have experience defending all of the following types of drug offenses:

  • Trafficking in Marijuana

  • Trafficking in Synthetic Marijuana

  • Trafficking in Cocaine

  • Trafficking in Methamphetamine

  • Distribution of Cocaine

  • Distribution of Synthetic Marijuana

  • Distribution of Methamphetamine

  • Possession with Intent to Distribute

  • Possession of a Controlled Substance

  • Other Drug Offenses 

A drug offense can mean jail time, excessive bonds, and possible jail time.  You need to hire the right criminal defense attorney to avoid jail and possibly get your drug offense dismissed.  Contact me today at (617) 295-7500.  

I am a drug defense attorney in Boston.  However, I handle drug offenses in all Massachusetts courts.

You Need an Attorney Now if You're Charged with a Drug Offense

If you’ve been charged with a drug offense, whether it’s a possession offense, trafficking, possession with intent to distribute, or distribution, you need to hire an attorney immediately.  

Depending on your record, the court you’re in, and the situation, a drug offense can carry serious consequences, such as:

It’s important to hire an attorney with the right experience to defend your case, and hire them immediately when you’re charged.

Even a simple case of Possession of a Controlled Substance can mean jail time, fines, and immigration consequences.  

Drug offenses can also involve technical and complicated defenses such as motions to suppress, motions to dismiss for denial of speedy trial, constructive possession, and lack of toxicology reports.  I have gotten cases dismissed on those grounds, and I may be able to do the same with your case.

Without an experienced drug defense attorney, you could be facing conviction even when you have a winnable case.

Drug offenses can also hurt your future job prospects, haunting you on a background check and preventing you from getting solid employment. 

Don’t wait to hire an attorney if you’ve been charged with simple possession or any other type of drug offense.  Arraignment, pretrial conference, and status dates are critical to defend your case.  They allow your lawyer to ensure that you stay out of jail, find out more about your charges and possible defenses, and possibly even get your drug charges dismissed.

I am a drug defense attorney in Boston, but I handle drug offenses in all Massachusetts courts.

Drug Defense Attorney

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