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Will a Domestic Violence Conviction Affect My Gun Rights?

Improper storage of a firearm

Domestic violence charges will severely affect your gun rights.  Permanently. A domestic violence conviction will prevent you from ever legally carrying a gun.  This is according to both Massachusetts and Federal law.  If you later carry a gun after being convicted of domestic violence, you could be subject to serious federal and state charges. This […]

Can I Appeal if My Application for a Gun License Was Denied?

gun license appeal attorney

If your application for a gun license was denied, you may be able to appeal with an attorney.  It depends on the reason for the denial. Specifically, you can typically only appeal if your gun license was denied because you were found to be unsuitable as a threat to public safety.  Suitability is a discretionary […]

How Do I Win My Gun Case?

win gun charge

To win your gun case, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney.  Otherwise, you could be facing harsh Massachusetts gun laws, with mandatory minimums and other penalties. Call or text me today at (617) 295-7500, and let me get started defending your gun case. The defenses to a gun case in Massachusetts are varied.  You […]

How Do I Get a Gun License in Massachusetts?

To get a gun license in Massachusetts, you must apply with your local police station.  If you need help applying for a gun license, I’d be glad to help.  Call or text me at (617) 295-7500. There are two different types of gun licenses in Massachusetts. A Firearm Identification Card (FID) (otherwise known as a […]

Law Office of Matthew W. Peterson Secures NOT GUILTY Verdict in Firearm, Theft Case

Matthew W. Peterson Attorney

In September 2018, the Law Office of Matthew W. Peterson secured a NOT GUILTY verdict for our client charged with illegal possession of a firearm and theft.  If convicted, our client was facing decades in prison. Our client was charged with possessing a firearm after being convicted of domestic violence and larceny of a rental […]