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Family Law

Family Law

Family Attorney in Boston

We are a full-service family lawyer who handle domestic relations cases in Boston along with the rest of Massachusetts.  If you’re fighting for your children, you deserve a family lawyer who will advocate strongly for you.  

Divorce is simply the process of dividing the assets and debts in the marriage, providing care for the children, and dealing with other issues involved in separating the two parties.

Being a good family lawyer means not only fighting for you in court but also gathering evidence, working with experts, and compassionately dealing with you and your children.  A family lawyer will focus on showing the court how much you care for your children and making sure you have the best strategy to secure their best interests.

This can be especially true if you’re facing false allegations of abuse.  If your spouse fabricated domestic violence against you, they can be especially dangerous in a divorce.

Our firm has experience in handling divorces, child custody matters, alimony, and child support.  If you’re looking for a family lawyer to handle your most important domestic matters, call us.  We handle family law matters in all of Massachusetts, even though our main office is in Boston.


full-service divorce and family lawyer

We have experience in a range of domestic relations disputes. Whether it’s child custody, alimony, visitation, or a simple no-contest divorce, we’ll get to work immediately.  Common domestic relations disputes that we have successfully handled include:

 We will ensure your legal rights are protected.  If you’re not sure you need an attorney, meet with us and determine what legal options are available to you.  Sometimes, your domestic issue can be solved by a simple consultation.

 Regardless of whether it’s a divorce, modification, or child custody, family law matters in Massachusetts proceed through your county’s Family and Probate Court.  The family law process begins with a complaint.  If you have received a complaint, you need to hire a family attorney immediately to respond and start on your defense.

If you need a family lawyer in Boston or in the rest of Massachusetts, set up a consultation with me today.