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Have a question for us? Below are answers to some of our most asked questions!

Will I get a free consultation?

Because of the nature of the consultation and the preparation that goes into it, only prospective criminal defense clients will be eligible for free consultations.

How much does a paid consultation cost and how do they work?

A paid consultation is a one-time fee of $250, and can be done via Zoom, over the phone, or in person in either our Boston office or Salem office.

Can you help me with my immigration case if I’ve already started the paperwork/ are already in the middle of the process?

Unfortunately, our office cannot help a prospective immigration client if you have already begun the process either on your own, or with another attorney.

Can you help me with my criminal defense case if I already have a court appointed attorney?

Yes! If you would rather hire a private attorney, I can take over your criminal defense case that a court appointed attorney has already started (even if you have already appeared in court).

Can you take my criminal defense case if I am not living in Massachusetts?

Yes! As long as the charges are out of Massachusetts, we can help you with your criminal defense case even if you are not currently living in the state.

Can you help me obtain a firearms license out of state?

No. If you are looking to appeal a denial, or obtain a firearms license outside of the state of Massachusetts, you must contact a firearms attorney in the state in which you are trying to obtain a license.