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Securing Justice: How Your Boston Firearms Attorney Won a Key License to Carry Appeal in Charlestown

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Navigating firearms laws in Massachusetts is challenging, particularly when faced with the denial of a License to Carry (LTC). As a dedicated Boston firearms attorney, our firm stands committed to defending your rights. We recently secured a notable victory at the Charlestown division of the Boston Municipal Court, overturning a wrongful LTC denial based on an old drug case where our client received a continuance without a finding (CWOF). This success story highlights our expertise and commitment to justice for all gun owners.

Case Background

Our client, a long-standing resident of Boston, faced an LTC denial due to an old drug case that had been resolved through a continuance without a finding (CWOF), meaning he was not convicted. This resolution was improperly used against them in their LTC application process by the Boston Police Department. Recognizing the significant impact of this denial on our client’s constitutional rights and personal safety, we took immediate action to challenge the decision.

Strategic Legal Action

We began with a comprehensive analysis of the client’s legal history and the specifics of the CWOF. Equipped with solid evidence and a nuanced understanding of Massachusetts firearms laws, we prepared a compelling appeal. Our strategy aimed to highlight the non-conviction nature of the CWOF and assert our client’s eligibility and rightful claim to carry a firearm.  We also emphasized how our client had been rehabilitated, showing how he became a different person since the 20-year-old drug charge.

Navigating the Appeal Process

The appeal was presented at the Charlestown division of the Boston Municipal Court. Our arguments focused on the legal error in denying the LTC based on a resolved matter that should not impact our client’s current rights. We underscored our client’s responsible character and full compliance with legal standards, challenging the misconstrued application of the law.  We cross-examined the licensing officer with the Boston Police Department and presented our client’s story to show the judge that he was suitable to carry a firearm.

Victorious Outcome

The court recognized the validity of our appeal, resulting in a favorable decision to reinstate our client’s License to Carry. This victory not only restored our client’s rights but also reinforced the importance of accurate and fair legal processes in firearm licensing in Boston.

Why You Should Choose Us as Your Boston Firearms Attorney

This successful appeal in Charlestown exemplifies our firm’s expertise and unwavering commitment to defending the rights of firearm owners:

  • Customized Legal Solutions: We design our legal strategies to meet the specific challenges and goals of each case.
  • Proven Expertise: Our track record in overturning wrongful denials and advocating for firearm owners’ rights demonstrates our comprehensive knowledge of firearms law.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We ensure thorough communication and support for our clients throughout their legal proceedings.

Contact Us for Expert Firearms Legal Representation

If you are encountering difficulties with your License to Carry or other firearms-related legal issues in Boston, contact us immediately. Your rights are our priority. Reach out today to benefit from our expertise and secure your legal victories.  Call or text us today at 617-295-7500, and put us to work on protecting your gun rights!


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