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What is Assault in Massachusetts?

what is assault in Massachusetts

If you’ve been charged with assault in the state of Massachusetts, it is in your best interest to hire a criminal defense attorney as soon as you receive your court summons. If convicted of assault, you could spend time in the state correctional facility or be made to pay a fine. You can either receive […]

What is Armed Assault with Intent to Rob in Massachusetts?

firearms lawyer ma

Armed assault with intent to rob in Massachusetts carries serious time in prison.  It involves accusations of being armed with a dangerous weapon and attempting rob someone. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts takes violent crimes very seriously. Many violent crimes have mandatory minimum sentences if you’re convicted, so it is crucial to hire a criminal defense […]

What is Armed Assault to Murder in Massachusetts?

lowell district court attorney

In Massachusetts, armed assault with intent to murder is when someone assaults another individual while armed, with the intent to kill them. The crime of armed assault to murder is taken extremely seriously in Massachusetts. If you are charged with that crime, it is extremely important that you hire a criminal defense attorney who has […]

Law Office of Matthew W. Peterson Secures Probation for Client Facing Life Without Parole

In April 2017, the Law Office of Matthew W. Peterson, a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney, secured probation and release for our client charged with robbery and assault.  Because of our client’s record, he was facing mandatory life without the possibility of parole if convicted. Our client was charged with taking the wallet of the victim […]