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What Could Cause a Gun License Suspension?

In Massachusetts, your gun license can be suspended if the licensing authority determines that you may be a threat to public safety. Below are some examples of circumstances that may cause your firearms license to be suspended: Misdemeanor domestic violence or assault arrest; OUI or other alcohol-related offenses arrest; A restraining order; Living in the same […]

What Is Improper Storage of a Firearm in Massachusetts?

The laws surrounding the crime of improper storage of a firearm are designed to prevent gun access to children and others who should not be handling a firearm, as well as the loss and theft of a firearms.  This charge can apply even if you have a license to carry a gun. If you or […]

What is a Large Capacity Firearm in Massachusetts?

A large-capacity firearm is a semi-automatic handgun or rifle that is capable of accepting more than ten rounds a semi-automatic shotgun capable of accepting more than five shotgun shells or an assault weapon What Kind of License Do I Need to Carry a Large-Capacity Firearm? To legally carry, purchase, or transport a large-capacity firearm in Massachusetts, […]