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NOT GUILTY Verdict at Bench Trial in Woburn District Court

Woburn district court criminal defense attorney

On June 27, 2024, the Law Office of Matthew W. Peterson secured a momentous victory for a client charged with assault and battery. This case, rooted in a seemingly ordinary pick-up basketball game that escalated into physical confrontation, underscores the critical importance of having an experienced criminal defense attorney when facing serious charges. Today’s blog will take you through the details of the case, the strategic decisions made, and why hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney can make all the difference.

The Incident at the Basketball Court

What should have been a simple game of basketball turned into a legal battle. During a game, tempers flared, and what began as friendly competition quickly spiraled out of control. The other party threw a basketball at our client’s face from point-blank range, prompting our client to respond with a punch. This reactionary act led to serious legal ramifications.

Accusations and Charges

Following the altercation, the other party went to the police, accusing our client of assault and battery. However, he downplayed his own aggressive actions, specifically how he first threw the basketball. This selective recounting shaped the narrative and led to formal charges against our client.

The Role of Self-Defense

One of the central tenets of the defense strategy was the claim of self-defense. The prosecution had the burden to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that our client did not act in self-defense. This key element became the fulcrum upon which the entire case balanced.

Strategic Decision Making Choosing a Bench Trial

Given the complexities involved, our legal team opted for a bench trial in front of a judge instead of a jury. The decision was based on the belief that a judge would be better equipped to understand the legal nuances of self-defense in this particular context.

The Importance of Evidence

A significant part of the defense strategy involved attacking the credibility of the evidence presented by the prosecution. We meticulously analyzed every piece of evidence, highlighting inconsistencies and gaps in the other party’s account of the incident.

The Prosecution’s Burden of Proof

In criminal cases, the prosecution carries the heavy burden of proving the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This case was no different. The prosecution had to prove our client did not act in self-defense, a task they ultimately failed to accomplish.

The Judge’s Verdict

After thoroughly reviewing the facts and evidence, the judge delivered a not guilty verdict. This outcome was a direct result of the strategic decisions made during the trial and the skillful presentation of the self-defense argument.

Why Experience Matters in Criminal Defense

This case exemplifies why it’s crucial to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney when facing serious charges. An adept attorney can make strategic decisions that can dramatically influence the outcome of your case.

The Value of Legal Expertise

Having a knowledgeable attorney means more than just legal representation; it means having someone who understands the intricacies of the law and can use this knowledge to your advantage. From choosing the right type of trial to attacking the evidence, every decision matters.

Community Impact

The outcome of this case sends a powerful message to the local community about the importance of legal representation. It also highlights the complexities involved in legal battles and the necessity of a fair trial.

Real-Life Implications

For those charged with crimes, this case offers hope and emphasizes the importance of a robust defense. It demonstrates that with the right legal strategy, justice can be served.

The Role of Trust in Legal Representation

Trust between a client and their attorney is paramount. Our client trusted us to present his case effectively, and this trust was rewarded with a not guilty verdict.

Final Thoughts

Facing criminal charges can be daunting, but with the right legal representation, you stand a much better chance of securing a favorable outcome. The Law Office of Matthew W. Peterson’s recent victory serves as a testament to the power of experienced and strategic legal defense.

Take Action

If you or someone you know is facing serious charges, don’t leave your fate to chance. Contact the Law Office of Matthew W. Peterson today to discuss how we can help you make strategic decisions and attack the evidence to win your case.

The not guilty verdict in this Woburn District Court case underscores the importance of experienced legal representation. From understanding the nuances of self-defense to making strategic trial decisions, every element played a crucial role in the outcome. For those facing criminal charges, this case serves as a reminder of the power of a well-crafted legal strategy and the importance of hiring a skilled attorney. Don’t wait—ensure you have the best possible defense on your side.  Call or text me at 617-295-7500, and let’s get started on your defense.


Although I am an attorney, I am not your attorney.  Please do not rely on anything on this page as legal advice because any specific advice would depend on your situation.  Any results posted on this page are not guarantees of outcomes in your case.

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