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What are the Possible Penalties for Drug Trafficking?

If you’re being charged with drug trafficking I am here to help. I have helped dozens of clients with various drug charges, and I will do everything I can to get a desirable outcome for you. Drug trafficking laws penalizes the sale, transportation, and illegal import of controlled substances. Since trafficking in the United States is a felony, being convicted can result in jail time, including mandatory minimum sentences, and fines, so it is critical that you hire an attorney you can trust.

How Will my Punishment be Determined if I’m Convicted of Drug Trafficking?

If you’re convicted of trafficking, the punishment depends on several factors including:

  • what kind of drug was trafficked
  • how much of the drug was in your possession
  • whether children were targeted

Another factor that will be considered is the geographic area of distribution. If you are caught trafficking controlled substances across state lines, that becomes a federal matter, whereas if you were trafficking drugs within one state, the state would handle the case.



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