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What Documents Do I Need to File Adjustment of Status?

documents for adjustment of status

Adjustment of status requires a lot of documents.  You should consult with an immigration attorney before attempting your adjustment of status application on your own.  If you make a mistake on your application, it could mean loss of money or immigration status.

Adjustment of status is a complicated process and can be messed up easily.  An immigration attorney can help the process go smoothly.

Typically, you need several types of documents for adjustment of status.

First, you need proof of the US citizen’s status.  This can include a birth certificate, passport, or certificate of naturalization.

Second, you will need proof of identity of the applicant.  This includes their birth certificate (with translation), immigration paperwork, and other similar documents.

Third, you may also need proof of the sponsor’s income and immigration status.  Pay stubs, proof of employment, and tax returns can suffice here.

Fourth, you will also need proof of the bona fide marriage of the applicant and US citizen.  There are a variety of documents that can be used, such as apartment leases, tax returns, photographs, and other official documents.

The documents needed for an adjustment of status application can be varied and complicated.  This is far beyond what this post can contain.  It depends on your circumstances and your application.

If you want to apply for adjustment of status, you should consult with an immigration attorney.  The documents for adjustment of status can be complicated and varied.  The process is fraught with possibilities to make mistakes.  Some of these mistakes can result in denial of your application, forfeiting your application fee, and even removal proceedings.

It’s critical to hire an immigration attorney to help prepare your paperwork.  I get far too many calls from people who have made mistakes on their application, and I cannot help them.  Call or text me today at 617-356-8217, and let’s get started on your adjustment of status application.


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