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What is a Continuance Without a Finding (CWOF) in Massachusetts?

What is a CWOF

A continuance without a finding (CWOF) can be a great alternative to a guilty finding, if you can complete probation.  However, there are risks.

In a CWOF, you admit that the Commonwealth could prove sufficient facts against you, but the court does not find you guilty. Instead, you are placed on probation for a period of time, and the judge can also impose other conditions. If you complete those conditions, the case is dismissed.

However, a CWOF is not without risks, though. If you violate the conditions, you are not entitled to go to trial because you already admitted that the Commonwealth could prove the case.  Instead, you will be sentenced immediately and could possibly go to jail.

Furthermore, a CWOF counts as a conviction for immigration purposes. If you’re not a citizen, then, getting one can lead to removal or not being allowed back into the country.  It is just as if you pled guilty and were sentenced.

A Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney can help you secure a CWOF for your case. Generally, the case must be relatively minor for the court to impose a CWOF, but contact me today so we can evaluate your case. Call me today at (617) 295-7500, and let’s get started on your defense.


Although I am an attorney, I am not your attorney.  Please do not rely on anything on this page as legal advice because any specific advice would depend on your situation.  Any results posted on this page are not guarantees of outcomes in your case.

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