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Can a Victim Drop a Domestic Violence Charge?

     Even if the victim no longer wants to pursue a domestic violence charge against someone, this does not mean that the charge will be dropped.  The prosecution can still go after you even if the victim of the domestic violence charges wishes to drop them.

   City and county prosecutors see it as their decision whether or not to drop domestic violence charges.  This means they can try to compel the victim to go forward even if the victim wants to dismiss the charges.

   This is because many cities, including the City of Mobile, has a no drop policy, meaning they do not allow victims to drop charges in most cases.

    However, if the victim and defendant are married, the victim can exercise their spousal privilege to refuse to testify in a domestic violence trial, meaning the charges would be dismissed.

   If the victim decides not to show up to court, the prosecution can issue an arrest warrant for the victim.  If the victim testifies that the domestic violence incident did not happen, they could be charged with filing a false police report.

   If you’re charged with domestic violence, it’s important to hire an experienced lawyer who understands the consequences of a domestic violence conviction and how to best represent you.  Call me today, and we’ll get started on your defense.  If you need a domestic violence defense lawyer who will fight for you, call me now and set up a consultation at 617-356-8217.

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