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Not Guilty Verdict in Concord District Court on Threats Charge

concord criminal defense lawyer

In the legal arena, the difference between guilt and innocence can often hinge on the nuanced interpretation of words and actions. This was precisely the case on May 14, 2024, when the law office of Matthew Peterson achieved a significant victory in Concord District Court, echoing the importance of adept legal representation in criminal defense […]

Firearms Charges Reduced to Probation for Out of State Client in Hingham District Court

firearms lawyer ma

Navigating the complex landscape of firearm laws across state lines can be daunting. A recent case handled by our law firm underscores the critical importance of having an experienced firearms defense attorney, particularly when laws vary significantly from state to state. Our client, a responsible gun owner from a state with comparatively relaxed gun laws, […]

Victory in the Courtroom: Newton Jury Acquits Client of Serious Charges

Newton criminal defense lawyer

A Win for Justice and Fair Trial In a recent trial in Newton District Court, our legal team secured a significant victory for our client, who faced severe allegations of assault with a dangerous weapon, strangulation, and assault and battery. This case highlights the importance of a thorough defense strategy and the role of diligent […]

Aggressive Defense Leads to Dismissal in Decade-Old Assault and Battery Case

criminal defense attorney chelsea

The Power of Relentless Advocacy in Massachusetts: A Victory in Chelsea District Court In the realm of criminal defense, tenacity and an aggressive pursuit of justice can mean the difference between conviction and freedom. Recently, in Chelsea District Court, I had the privilege of defending a client charged with assault and battery with a dangerous […]

Strategic Legal Defense Leads to Dismissal of Firearm Charges in East Boston

east boston firearms lawyer

In a decisive legal victory at East Boston Municipal Court, a distinguished Boston criminal defense attorney successfully secured a dismissal of charges for an out-of-state client accused of unlawful firearm possession. This case exemplifies the critical importance of expert legal representation in firearms cases and underscores the strategic benefits of engaging a defense attorney before […]

Successfully Challenging a License to Carry Suspension in Dorchester, Boston

what is assault in Massachusetts

In the realm of firearms law, particularly in the Boston area, the suspension of a License to Carry (LTC) can be a significant hurdle for lawful gun owners. Our recent experience at the Boston Municipal Court in Dorchester underscores the effectiveness of a proactive legal approach. This blog details how our team, dedicated to defending […]

Jury Finds Client NOT GUILTY of OUI and Negligent Operation in Chelsea

OUI lawyer Chelsea

On November 1, 2023, the Law Office of Matthew W. Peterson went to a jury trial on a charge of operating under the influence and negligent operation in Chelsea District Court. Our client was stopped by Chelsea Police after being seen fleeing an accident scene with his hazard lights on.  After police turned their lights […]

NOT GUILTY Verdict for OUI in Lawrence District Court

Lawrence criminal defense lawyer

On October 25, 2023, the Law Office of Matthew W. Peterson secured a NOT GUILTY verdict for our client charged with operating under the influence in Lawrence District Court. Our client was allegedly seen by a State Police Trooper driving over the middle line toward them, and then the trooper pulled our client over.  After […]

Matthew Peterson Named Among the 2023 Massachusetts Rising Stars by “Super Lawyers”

I am thrilled to announce that I have been named among this year’s rising stars in the state of Massachusetts by “Super Lawyers”. Super Lawyers is a website intended to give ratings for attorneys and law offices all over the country by taking into account peer recognition, customer satisfaction, and professional achievements within their practice […]